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one day tour

Adventure tours in Phongsaly

One day tour   code No: PK001

2 day tour  Code No : PK003

3 days tour Code No: PK005
Discover several hill tribe living in south- west  of Phongsaly

5 days package tour.
code No : PK013
One day tour   code No: PK002

3 days Tour Code No : PK004

3 days  package tour. Code No: PK 010 This tour is concentrating in visiting Multi-ethnic groups to the south of Phongsaly

5  day Tour Code No : PK011Discover hill tribal villages throughout Phongsaly
Two day tour  Code No : PK003
This tour concentrates  in  Ethnic minorities living  in northern of Phongsaly, this tour you would have a nice chance to visit Tai leu, Tai yang, Lolopho, Akha...


Day 01:  Phongsaly -  Bounneua – Huay yeung – Ngai Neua village – Panghok village – Huay Ou village – Savang village.
After breakfast, we drive up to the northern of Phongsaly, on the way we have good chance to visit multi-ethnic groups  living in Northern of Phongsaly. In the morning we will visit Ban Ngai-Neua,  Tai lue tribe village, this village still keep their traditional houses style, and we head to Ban Panghok ( Akha tribe ), in this village women still wear their traditional costumes. After visiting this village we continue driving up to Ban Huay-Ou village ( Mixed tribes village, Ahka and Hor tribe.). We have lunch in early Afternoon  at  Ban Tha, Today in the afternoon after lunch we will start hiking to Ban Savang village ( Mixed tribes: Lolopho and Akha tribe  )Today we will spend overnight With family in this village. ( 2.5  hrs hiking ).

Day 02.Savang village – ban Tha village….. – Bounneua – and Back to Phongsaly
After breakfast, we start hiking back to Ban Tha and we have lunch at ban Tha and then we take a rest for 2 hrs,  and then we head back to Phongsaly, on the way back we will stop to visit Phounoy and Akha tribe villages. Then we will arrive at Phongsaly late evening.