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one day tour

Adventure tours in Phongsaly

One day tour   code No: PK001

2 day tour  Code No : PK003

3 days tour Code No: PK005
Discover several hill tribe living in south- west  of Phongsaly

5 days package tour.
code No : PK013
One day tour   code No: PK002

3 days Tour Code No : PK004

3 days  package tour. Code No: PK 010 This tour is concentrating in visiting Multi-ethnic groups to the south of Phongsaly

5  day Tour Code No : PK011Discover hill tribal villages throughout Phongsaly
Five day Tour Code No : PK011
Discover hill tribal villages throughout Phongsaly.
Day 01: Phongsaly – Bounneua – Ngai Neua – Panghok village – Huay ou – Ban Tang.
After breakfast we drive  from Phongsaly to the north, on the trip the road is bumping, we head to the northern of Phongsaly, you enjoy visiting Ban Ngai- Neua( Leu tribe village style), visit  three Akha tribe villages, and one mixed Haw and Akha tribe village. Spend a night with family at Ban Tang.

Day 02: Ban Tang – Outai – Ou Neua.
Today we continue to top north of Phongsaly. On the trip we drive up to the top of higher mountain, seeing  landscape of the area and the view of Yot-Ou town, we visit Yao tribe village , Kher tribe village  and then we will arrive at Ou-Neua today we stay at local Guesthouse.

Day 03: Ou Neua – hill tribe villages – Buonneua.
After breakfast, we drive up to top of  northern  Phongsaly,  visit Tai-Neua tribe villages  and other tribe villages along our way and then   we head back to Bounneua , on the    way back we have a chance to visit  some villages along our trip,we will arrive at Bounneua late evening and spend overnight at local guesthouse .

Day 04: Bounneua – Bountai -  Hill tribe villages – Bohat village.
After breakfast, we drive forward to BounTai, on the way we will stop at Ban Yor to see local people selling fresh fruits and vegetable, then we drive on the dusty road and reach Bountai for lunch. After lunch we drive deep into the west of Phongsaly. Today we have good chance to visit Tai-Leu tribe, Taiyang tribe, Laoseng, Hmong, Cherpia and Mouchee tribe villages, today we spend overnight at Bohat  village ( Khmu tribe ).
Day 05: Bohat village – hill tribe villages – Bountai.

After breakfast, we head back to Bountai, we will arrive at Bountai   around noon, have lunch and we  check in a  local guesthouse, Take a rest for departure  next day.