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Trekking Programs in Phongsaly

1  day trekking    Code no: TK 015

1 day trekking / hiking. Code No 007, Phl – Khsn – Kh

1 day trekking. Code no: TK008 Ph-km-Chph

2 days trekking     Code No: TK 004

3 day trekking      code No: TK 014,  NLA

4 days Trekking.
Code No. TK011, special program

1  day Trekking      Code No: TK013, Phl-Mx.

1  day Trekking / hiking. Code No: TK013, Phl-Mx.

2 days  Trekking.Code No. TK006 PH-VT,CHP

3 days Trekking
Code No. TK011, special program

3 day  Trekking.
Code No. TK012, special program

5 days trekking.
code No: Tk 012

1 day trekking / hiking Code No 007, Phl – Khsn – Kh

This full day trek is easy  level,  it is deal  for tourists who have short time in Phongsaly. This  trek lets you explore the surrounding landscape of Phongsaly town.

Start hiking from Phongsaly town to Ban Khounsouknoy and Ban Khounsoukluang, these villages are famous in producing green Lao whisky ( green lao-Lao ), on the way, we hike on dusty / dirt road, we hike pass tea plantation and see beautiful scenery of the area, then we  reach  Ban khounsouknoy and then reach  Ban Khounsoukluang, at these villages if we are lucky we can see local people Producing Lao whisky  your guide will explain how  villager produce Lao whisky and we try to sip it with local, after having lunch at Khounsoukluang village ,we start trekking on the trail along the ridge of the  mount and then reach  open air area, seeing  endless landscape of mountains,  w continue walking  pass  very large tea plantation, see how local people picking up young tea leaves and after that we reach  Ban Sailom,  then we head to Phongsaly town.

Approximately:  4 – 5 hiking / trekking.