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Trekking Programs in Phongsaly

1  day trekking    Code no: TK 015

1 day trekking / hiking. Code No 007, Phl – Khsn – Kh

1 day trekking. Code no: TK008 Ph-km-Chph

2 days trekking     Code No: TK 004

3 day trekking      code No: TK 014,  NLA

4 days Trekking.
Code No. TK011, special program

1  day Trekking      Code No: TK013, Phl-Mx.

1  day Trekking / hiking. Code No: TK013, Phl-Mx.

2 days  Trekking.Code No. TK006 PH-VT,CHP

3 days Trekking
Code No. TK011, special program

3 day  Trekking.
Code No. TK012, special program

5 days trekking.
code No: Tk 012

5 days trekkingcode No: Tk 012

Day 01: Phongsaly – Ban Khounsouknoy – Ban Changtern village.
 Start walking from Phongsaly town on the dirt road, head to Ban Khounsouknoy( Phounoy tribe village ),this village is famous in producing green Lao whisky( Lao-Lao ), after that continue trekking along the trial down to Nam Long river, trekking along French trail
 ( made by French solders during Vietnam War ), picnic lunch at Nam Long, after lunch trek pass thick jungle, upland rice field ,  then we  reach to Ban Changtern ( Akha tribe village ), today we spend a night with families at Ban Changtern. Approximately: 6-7 hours trekking.

Day 02: Ban Changtern – Ban Spngam – Ban Peryenxangmai.
After breakfast start trekking to Ban Sopngam and Ban Peryenxangmai,on the way we trek along ridges of the mountains, seeing picturesque of landscape then we trek  pass jungle and bamboo forests, then arrive at Ban Sopngam ( Laoseng Tribe village ), after visiting Ban Sopngam we continue trekking up to mountainous area, Have lunch on the top of higher mount, we continue trek along slope of the mounts, we climb up to Ban Peryenxangmai ( Akha tribe village ), today we spend a night with families at Ban Peryenxangmai . 
Approximately: 5-6 hours trekking.

Day 03:Ban Peryenxangmai – Peryenxangkao – Ban Naporxang – Paicho village.
After breakfast we start trekking to two Akha tribe villages ( Ban peryenxangkao, Ban Naporxang )today we trek pass young forest, upland rice field and we  reach to Ban peryenxang. today after lunch at Ban peryenxangkao, we head to Ban Naporxang and Ban Paicho,on the way we trek pass upland rice field, jungles, up to the top of mounts, seeing picturesque  nature and then reach to Ban Naporxang, and after visiting Ban Naporxang,  we continue trekking to Ban Paicho  and spend a night at Ban Paicho.Approximately: 3 - 4 hours trekking ( depends on how fast we walk ). 

Day 04: Ban Paicho – Ban Phou-yot.
After breakfast we start trekking along the trail down to small stream, we walk along stream pass jungles, we have picnic lunch in jungle, after lunch we trek up to mountainous area, pass upland rice field and primary  forest, and then we reach  Ban Phou-yot, spend a night at Ban Phou-yot ( Akha tribe village).Approximately: 3 - 4 hours trekking ( depends on how fast we walk ). 

Day 05:Ban Phou-yot – Ban Phouxoum – Ban Hatsa – Phongsaly.
After breakfast we walk down to Ban Phouxoum ( Laoseng tribe village),on the way we walk pass upland rice field, seeing beautiful scenery of endless mountains, we reach Ban Phouxoum, after visiting Ban Phouxoum, we take private boat downstream on Nam Ou river ( takes 1 hour by boat) to Ban Hatsa, have lunch at  Ban Hatsa, after that we  take public bus back to Phongsaly town. Approximately:  3  hours transfer /  2 - 2.5   hours trekking.